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Camper Box Build

The hype around Vanlife has caught us as well. But we found that a normal Van would not be suitable to our travel plans. We needed an overlander, a fourwheeldrive that will take us anywhere we want to go. We decided to build a camper box on the back of a Toyota Landcruiser. So we are not real vanlifers but overlanders, nomads, freedom lifestylers!

We bought a 2003 Toyota Landcruiser Ute middle of February 2019 only 2 days after we landed in Australia. Cody had already designed what we wanted to build on Sketchup 3D and thought about all the details. We started building the day after we got the car! Within one week after arriving in Australia, the frame for the camper box was done. Cody has previously built a more basic camper box, which we lived in for over a year. This time around we were able to use all of that knowledge plus the experiences we made with the old box to make the new one suit our needs and expectations even better. We have put up all the details about our new camper box in the blog as well as a comparison to the old one and why we changed some things.

Responsible Overlandlife

We are very much aware on what are in our opinion two of the biggest problem in the world: climate change and pollution through rubbish. Picking up rubbish has almost become a part of our daily routine: we pick it up mostly at the beach and while snorkeling but also in camp areas and wherever else we see rubbish, which is basically everywhere. Maybe the most important part of responsible overlandlife though, is not producing rubbish in the first place, or at least reduce and recycle as much as possible. We are always on the lookout for new ways towards a zero waste lifestyle.

Yes, we will be driving an old dirty Diesel truck, but we are not driving everyday or very far and we found out, that living in a car takes way less energy than living in a house or apartment. All our electricity comes from solar panels on the roof and we don’t have a heater or aircondition in the camper box.

Also, we save water: we carry only 104l of water, which can last us for over a week.

Cooking on the road

An important part of our travels is obviously cooking. Everybody needs to eat and make sure to eat healthy, even though we will have a tiny outdoor kitchen. We will be sharing recipes that are easy to make on the road with step-by-step instructions and photos. As part of the responsible overlandlife , we try to buy food without plastic packaging and from local farms as much as possible.


Cody is a passionate fisherman. He loves any kind of fishing, be it from land or while snorkeling. We regularly have fresh squid or fish on our plates. I swear, the freshly self-caught fish tastes 100 times better than anything from the supermarket, plus it is a sustainable way of getting food and even without unnecessary plastic packaging. We only take what we eat.

Laura, Cody and Elliot on the road

Hey, we are Laura and Cody, living in Elliot our 2003 Toyota Landcruiser.

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