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We are Laura, Cody and Elliot, our 2003 Toyota Landcruiser. Within just shy of three months, we built a camper box for the back of the Landcruiser which we now live in full-time. On May 15, 2019, the day we finished building, we left Perth and headed North. We will be traveling Australia and New Zealand in the next two or so years. And who knows what’s next?

Cody, 32, Australian
Cody in front of the Uluru in Australia
Cody, the driver

5 years ago I’d had enough. I was already stressed out from running my own small business and burnt out working in the same industry for 10 years. The breaking point was a nasty car accident, resulting in broken bones and stitches in my face. This all made me finally decide to make a change which was the best decision I ever made. It was time to do what I wanted to do.

I have always enjoyed camping, fishing or hiking through the bush. However, like most people, I never had enough time to do what I loved. I started to implement plans how to get out of my situation and pursue my dream. After the destruction of my last work vehicle in the accident, I purchased a new Ford Ranger tray back ute.

After 9 months of dealing with the difficulties of closing the business, I began to design a camper box for the back of the ute. I considered buying one but was not able to justify the cost at close to $15000 AUD. So I built it myself and soon made my way across to the East Coast.

Laura, 28, German
Laura, the navigator

I always wanted to go to Australia. I thought of it as a mysterious country far away, with beautiful nature and peculiar animals.

After finishing my masters degree in International Business Management, I worked with refugees in my hometown on a voluntary basis and planned my getaway. Finally, in April 2016 I left for Australia on a working holiday visa. I arrived in Brisbane and soon made my way up the East Coast.

How we met

In Airlie Beach on the East Coast of Australia, we both signed up for a three weeks sailing trip up to Cairns. And that is where we met and got to know each other, on a sailing yacht, off the East Coast of Australia. After this sailing trip, we continued traveling together for over one year in the car that Cody had built.

We traveled all over and around Australia, staying where we wanted to stay and continuing when the weather wasn’t good.

In June 2017, Laura’s tourist visa which she had gotten after the working holiday visa, was about to expire. On top of that, the car gave us some trouble: 3 new tires in 1 week, a shattered solar panel and a really uncomfortable mattress, as well as other small problems. We were longing for a home base, with our own shower, washing machine and proper toilet.


We decided to go to Germany, where Laura found a job as a Project Manager in Frankfurt and Cody went to language school to learn German.

Quite soon did we realize, that this was also not the right lifestyle for us.

We do not regret having made this step, as we are now 100% sure, that vanlife is what we want.

Back to Australia

We have had enough of our daily routine life in Frankfurt, Germany. Laura quit her job, we canceled all contracts and moved out, back to Laura’s parents. From there we finalized everything to leave Germany, first to Vietnam for 4 weeks and then to Perth, Australia, with a one way ticket.

We built our camper within 3 months and left on our trip in the middle of May 2019.

We are super excited to be able to, travel, live in a car and enjoy every day as it comes.

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