Here we are sitting on my parents’ terrace, trying to forget the busy life in Frankfurt for a while. Over the last weeks our desire to escape the common life and travel has grown. Every morning, the picture of a group of homeless and drug addicts (or both) greets us on our way to work and language school near the main station. Stressful days and unpaid extra hours pass by and before we even realize, the summer is almost over. More and more do we accept, that this is not for us. We want to be free, free from the pressure of society, telling us to settle down, get married, work, get children. Free from the unwritten rule, that only the one who works a proper full-time job will succeed in life. Free from the judgement of others, if we are acting the right way.

View from Laura's parents' terrace. Swimming pond with the sunset in the background.
View from Laura’s parents’ terrace.

How did we even end up here? We were actually already traveling, through Australia – this is also where we met. Cody was traveling through his own country while I wanted to travel to Australia already for years and finally found the right time, after I finished my masters degree. We happened to meet and continued traveling together for over one year. After this time we had the feeling, we should settle down, find a job and do what is expected. We have tried this now for a bit more than a year. We ask ourselves every day, what were we thinking?

But how will we be able to cut the ropes and be free? We want to travel, not for one or two weeks but rather years! But how do we justify ourselves? If we told people of my parents’ or grandparents’ generation about this, they would think we are unreasonable and ask questions like: How are you going to finance this? Don’t you have to work? What about getting children? When I was your age, I had to work/ already had children/ this was impossible. You can’t just mooch around the world your whole life… the list goes on. Looking at others in our generation however, it is a little bit different. Many people feel stuck and dream about getting out. They would encourage us to just do it and say things like “if I had the chance, I would definitely do it, too” or ” yes, do it, I will be the first one to follow your blog!”

Do we even have to justify ourselves? We don’t think that we should have to.

Can you relate to this? Leave a comment, we are interested to see what you think.

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