With all the aluminium body ready and painted, we were able to start with the interior fit-out. Find Step 1: The Frame here and Step 2: The Walls here.

Screenshot of the final plan of the camper box in Sketchup 3D
The final plan of the camper box in Sketchup 3D
Electrical wiring
Electrical wiring of a USB and cigarette lighter point

Before cladding the walls with wood, we had to plan in detail, where insulation, lamps, USB charging points and other electrical components were going to go. We fed the cables through to those points, before installing insulation sheets and hiding everything behind the wood panels.

We have two solar panels on the roof, one being removable to set up in the sun if necessary. Two batteries are being charged both by the solar panels and while driving.

Find more details about the electrical wiring of the camper here.


For insulation we used 25mm thick Foilboard. We cut it to fit in between the 25x25mm aluminium tubes and then covered it either with jarrah (see below) or with 3mm MDF boards, depending on if it was going to be visible. We insulated all exterior walls, doors and the roof.


Cody still had some beautiful jarrah wood that he was given for free years ago. We used this for the seat backs, removable seat tops to access the storage underneath and drawer fronts inside, as well as in the kitchen. We also used it for the interior flooring. We varnished the jarrah when everything was finished and it came out beautifully!

Drawers and shelves

We built drawers and shelves out of 12mm MDF board, primed them white and where it would be visible, we also painted them white. All drawers have jarrah faces, to make the interior and kitchen fit together and look nicer than MDF boards.


In the kitchen as well as in the storage under the bed, we used black thin carpet to line the bottom, back, sides and drawers to give it a more finished look as well as to prevent jars, bottles and pots and pans to rattle and move too much.

The end of the build and the beginning of our travels

On May 15, 2019 it was accomplished. We left Perth, heading North, following the sun.

Final thoughts

Building this camper box has been a major challenge. It was a full-time job for Cody, without weekends and with loads of extra hours and Laura helping where she could. We have been traveling now for 7 weeks and are still happy with the design. While this layout suits our expectations and needs, the general style could be changed to include for example an indoor kitchen or a bathroom. There are endless possibilities!

We have learnt a lot during the build and are happy to share this knowledge. Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions!

Timelapse of the build of the camper box

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